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Rental pricing


Considering the comfort and growing expectations of our customers, we were among the first in Poland to introduce a device for measuring not only the length of the foot but also its width. This allows you to properly adjust the model of the shoe in our rental, so that especially skiing becomes for you “your” sport associated with convenience, comfort and nice time spent on the slopes.

As the only rental shop in Karpacz, we are able to dress you from head to toe

SKI TOP SET (50 zł/day)

Equipment designed for people learning to ski or snowboarding and intermediate people, properly selected length and hardness of the ski allows you to quickly master the technical elements.
The ski set includes: skis, boots, poles

SNOWBOARD SET (50 zł/day)

The snowboard set includes: board, shoes

SKI VIP SET (70zł/day)

Equipment in this category is intended for intermediate people looking for skis and snowboards that meet their expectations as well as testing skis and boards from the “higher shelf”. The desire to rent equipment in this category must be previously notified in the school office for professional preparation in our workshop.
The ski set includes: skis, boots, poles

When renting ski and snowboard sets for several days, various discounts and rebates for regular customers are used.

After skiing, you can leave the rented equipment for the next day in our storage room and shoes in a professional dryer for FREE.

In addition to ski and snowboard sets and helmets, we also offer
– jackets (PLN 40 / day, trousers included – PLN 70 / day)
– pants (40 PLN / day, included with the jacket – 70 PLN / day)
– gloves (PLN 20 / day)
– goggles (PLN 20 / day)

We have C.A.M.P. crampons for rent

The company was founded in 1889, in the mountain village of Preman, located in the Valsassina Valley, where the company’s headquarters are located to this day. The founder, Nicola Codega, was a blacksmith and did business in a small workshop with several co-workers.

In 1920, his son Antonio developed the company by producing the first ice axes ordered by the army.
Long years of cooperation with well-known mountaineers, including Riccardo Cassin and Jerzy Kukuczka, contributed to the development of the company and the start of production of carabiners, Tri-cams, the first ice axes and ice crampons.
Cooperation with the outstanding French mountaineer Patrick Berhault resulted in the creation of new ultra-light products.
Currently C.A.M.P. sells its products in over 60 countries around the world.

Location rental

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